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  • Where can I learn more?
    Yorksie's online life started on Facebook, where you can find five years of posts documenting her life. In 2022 the You Tube channel, Patreon page, and website were launched when the Captain and the Admiral started the Great Loop aboard the Sea Moose.
  • What kind of boat is the Sea Moose?
    The Sea Moose is a trawler, built in the Chung Wa Boat Yard in Taiwan. The keel was laid in 1974, and she was imported into the U.S. in 1976. You can learn all about the boat on our You Tube Channel
  • Where are you guys from?
    Captain Moose was born in Kansas, spent several years in Southern California, and now resides in Michigan. Admiral Darina is from Eastern Europe, and now follows the Captain around,
  • What do the Captain and the Admiral do for a living?
    The Captain started his career as a software developer, and later started a successful onshore/offshore software development company that employed 25 people. He sold the company at the end of 2019 to an Entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. He now works part time as a database architect as he enjoys the work. The Admiral started her career as an executive secretary/event planner, subsequently working for the Captain's company as a marketing/lead generation manager, and now works as a quality assurance specialist for a web based product development company. Both the Admiral and the Captain work part time, around 30 hours a week each.
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