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Everything is looking up!

The generator problem turned out to be the capacitor (it's always the flux capacitor!) and the oil pressure sensing switch. While repairing it, I managed to bend the actuator arm that is attached to the stop solenoid, as getting to the oil pressure switch sensor with a giant 1" open ended wrench was very tight. So now I have to "cock" the stop solenoid before I start the generator. Something else to fix later.

We rented a car again for two days, and picked up the Balmar generator in Ottawa. On the way home we checked the area around the Brandon Lock to see if there was a queue of boats waiting, there wasn't. Bought another set of open end wrenches as it became evident during the generator repair that I simply must have two sets of wrenches the same size for all those stop bolts. Contrary to our usual extremely healthy eating habits we enjoyed Culvers two days in a row.

Crowley's came through and can give us a day on Tuesday, so we're going to have them install the alternator, the digital charge controller, and the fourth house battery. I'm sure a day of a professional marine mechanic will cost at least a boat unit but that will ensure that all our charging woes are complete and we can anchor with no worries.

On Friday loopers Scho and Joe passed through Hammond, taking on fuel for their journey down the rivers. We feel a special kinship with them as we both have the same exact model of boat, so we met them at the fuel dock and chatted for a while. We'll be meeting them again on the loop, and at the AGLCA Fall Rendezvous in Kentucky.

We'll head over to Crowleys on Monday, we expect the alternator install to take one day, and then we'll start 5AM Wednesday, with the intent of making to it to the Brandon Lock before the end of the day.

The next couple of weeks we need to put some serious miles behind us on the Rivers if we are to make the AGLCA meet up in Kentucky.

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