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Great Loop Blog - Day 1

It finally begins... Yesterday we put Darina's truck on blocks (The MooStang was already blocked and covered), and our dear friend Ken Klaft took us to the boat. Yesterday morning I had a vicious anxiety attack, with dizzy spells and throwing up...

Saying goodbye to Ken and starting our greatest adventure yet:

In the morning we departed our slip at Anchor Pointe around 9AM, making our way across Lake Erie and into the downriver section of Detroit. It was a hazy, cloudy day with good sea conditions. Coming into downriver we dodged shoals, threading our way into Humbug Marina in Gibraltar.

Attempting entry to this area without a chart plotter would just about guarantee a grounding.

We stayed at JP's waterfront restaurant for $30 a night which included power, and a beautiful bath house. This ended up being the best deal all the way upriver to Lake Huron and is highly recommended.

We ate at the restaurant for dinner, enjoying fresh walleye, hush puppies, french fries, and home made coleslaw.

It was delicious and quite reasonably priced. The Admiral had never eaten a hush puppy before and found them delightful.

After dinner we walked around and took selfies and pictures of each other to celebrate NO MORE WORKING ON THE BOAT and beginning life in the slow lane - or so we thought...

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