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Great Loop Blog - Day 3

Sunrise over Riverside Marina and I can't wait to get out of this place. Better still if the wind is calm and we don't take out the Magma grill as we exit the impossibly tight slip we are in.

We got out of the slip with us walking the boat halfway out. The run to Jefferson Marina was uneventful, the temperature stayed low and the oil pressure was fine.

Jefferson Marina has a crazy entrance with a huge shoal outside the entrance, don't attempt this without a chart plotter or good charts and a depth finder. Being Friday there was a lot of boat traffic.

Checking the engine and we were still leaking badly. Oh boy. We called the office to see what it might cost for a mechanic to assist and were told it would be three weeks before they could look at it. We found an Auto Zone 40 minutes away and set off on foot in the hot sun.

As we hike frequently in Michigan - for a minimum of five miles and an average of eight - the walk was no problem. On the way back we stopped for our favorite treat, a double dip ice cream cones in a waffle cone. This time it was strawberry cheese cake on the bottom and Peanut butter moose tracks on top.

Back at the boat I pulled the valve cover, we spent about an hour cleaning the mating surfaces to perfection, and I used an entire tube of black Permatex on both sides, plus I used red thread lock on the screws.

Bruised, and with Permatex under my fingernails we declared the boat fixed at 6pm, showered, ate our usual dinner salad, and were asleep by 9pm.

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