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Great Loop Blog - Day 5

Awakening at 10 AM Darina made a lovely breakfast which we enjoyed on the flybridge. Jason and Chelsea Witala from Cloud 9 came over, introduced themselves, and we exchanged boat cards. They did the loop a few years ago.

I removed the PCV valve from the engine entirely, and globbed 3/4 of a tube of Permatex "Instant Seal" along the edge of the valve cover. We spent the rest of the day sucking power from the dock and sitting in the salon enjoying the air conditioning.

The original plan was to run 60 miles to Harbor Beach and anchor. Reading reviews about the anchorage at Harbor Beach, and nervous about travelling 60 miles on a Monday (when our jobs could intervene) we chose to travel 30 miles to Port Sanilac instead tomorrow.

We worked on getting the You Tube Channel, Patreon Channel, and blog launched. We have approximately two hours of content that we will be releasing as we progress forward.

Our home for today.

Checking the weather later in the day we got a forecast for 26 mile an hour winds, so we decided to stay put for another day.

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